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Masterworks Chorale Mission

Masterworks Chorale offers inspired performances of exceptional choral music
to enrich our community, creating a meaningful experience for patron and performer.

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Masterworks Chorale Values

Excellence. We are committed to the constant improvement of our musical skills and performance presentation so that we share meaningful, enriching, transcendent musical experiences with our community/audience.

Enjoyment. We are happy to belong to and sing with the Chorale, and find participation rewarding and worthwhile.

Caring Culture. We foster a diverse, friendly, caring, respectful, open, honest, positive, trusting, supportive environment.

Creativity and Innovation. We have the creativity and courage to try original and imaginative approaches to our music and performances, while honoring the great traditions of choral music.

Community Partnership. We encourage community partnerships with those that share similar values, and actively reach out to share our music with the broader community.

Fiscal Responsibility. We use money wisely. Funds are spent in a manner that assures the best use of our resources for our music and to assure long-term viability of the Chorale.

Our History

Founded in 1964 by the late Galen Marshall, Artistic Director Emeritus, Masterworks Chorale is a much-loved Bay-Area institution, treasured for its warmth of tone, technical excellence, and commitment to the local community.  Richard Garrin was Music Director from 1997-2002. Dr. Bryan Baker has been Artistic Director of the Chorale since the Fall of 2002.

Each season, the Chorale performs 3 to 4 pairs of concerts, accompanied by some of the Bay Area's leading professional musicians. In addition, Masterworks is regularly joined by professional vocal soloists who also appear with leading symphony orchestras and opera companies throughout North America and Europe.

Our guest appearances have included performances with the San Francisco Symphony, San Francisco Opera, Redwood Symphony, Peninsula Symphony, San Jose Symphony, and the Cabrillo Festival. This year, we were thrilled to win a coveted Best of the Bay award from San Francisco Classical Voice for our performance of the Verdi Requiem. We have also received critical acclaim during European tours, a tour of the People's Republic of China, and performances at Avery Fisher Hall and Carnegie Hall.

Under Dr. Baker, Masterworks has become a committed sponsor for new choral music.  In 2016, we co-commissioned a new piece by Bob Chilcott.   This season, we are hugely excited to sing the world premiere (!) of a new piece by the Norwegian composer Ola Gjeilo.  Outside the spotlight of performance, we are equally passionate about our outreach activities. Our workshops and mobile mini-concerts bring music making to children in underserved communities, seniors with memory loss, veterans and homeless families, bringing the transformative power of song into the very heart of our community.

Our chaamber ensemble serenade performs concerts in more intimate settings, and can be hired for private performances. For details call 650.918.6225.

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Board & Staff

Artistic Staff

Bryan Baker Erin Moore Inara Morgenstern

Dr. Bryan Baker
Artistic Director and Conductor of Masterworks Chorale since 2002, Bryan Baker also serves as Director of Music at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley, Director of the men's vocal ensemble Thirst & Howl, and Assistant Conductor of the San Francisco Choral Society. Read Full Bio

Erin Moore
Erin Moore has been a proud member of Masterworks Chorale since the summer of 2013. Before coming to the Bay Area, she served as Upper School Music Teacher and private voice instructor at Roland Park Country School in Baltimore, MD.
Read Full Bio

Inara Morgenstern
Inara Morgenstern, Masterworks Accompanist since 2002, has taken an active role in the San Francisco Bay Area classical music scene for more than three decades, in both teaching and performing roles. Her philosophy is to provide a fun, supportive learning environment that lets students gain skills to express themselves through music. Read Full Bio

2018/19 Board of Directors

Sean McQuay Ed Firestone Stephanie Boireau Victoria Chang Geoff Dottery  

Sean McQuay, President

Ed Firestone,

Becky Burad

Victoria Chang Secretary

Geoff Dottery



Board, Continued

Krista Hanson Lynne Reuber Tricia Seibold Al Schick Bill Welch  

Krista Hanson

Lynne Reuber

Tricia Seibold

H. Alton Schick

Bill Welch






Singers' Council


Administrative Staff

Jodee Steiner

Jim Hawley

Erin Renfroe

Stephanie Boireau

Jared Cavazos


Jodee Steiner, President

Jim Hawley

Erin Renfroe,
Interim Director of Operations

George Alexsovich
Executive Director

Jared Cavazos,
Executive Assistant



Choir Roster


Masterworks Chorale 2017-2018 Roster

Fun Facts

Soprano I
Amy Alexander (2)
Katie Bartholomew (3)
Chelsea Cameron (4)
Senta Colombo (5)
Rachel Doman (3)
Helene Freda (6)
Jamie Gallupe (4)
Robin Hansen (18)
Krista Hanson (31)
Lory Kitamura-Tintor (13) musicNote
Erin Moore (5)
Harriet Mukisa (5)
Christine M. Niccoli (12)
Erin Renfroe (4)
F. Anne Shissler (37)
Jennifer Skurnick (8)
Margaret Staphorsius (46)
Sabrina Strand (1)
Cathy Sweetman (5)
Jessica Tien (1)
Ginny Trapani (4)
Cecelia Tom (4)
Jamie Weinstock (9)
Lou Ann Wieand (16)

Soprano II
Teri Boucher (12)
Kathleen Donohue (2)
Barbara DuMond (11)
Barbara Golden (1)
Becky Howland (2)
Stacey Kim (2)
Charlene Kranz (8) musicNote
Jessie Simpson LaGoy (2)
Katie Lipka (4)
Meghan Mahajan (1)
Johannah Newman (13)
Lynne Reuber (19)
Katie Riggs (12)
Jan Robertson (12)
Anne Sallot (2)
Elyse Singleton (4)
Jodee Steiner (4)
Candy Sykes (2)
Paige Tagliafico (2)
Maggie Trinh (5)
Phyllis Wright (10)
Kiyomi Yamazaki (17)

Alto I
Megan Anderson (5)
Diana Berger (5)
Laura Brownlee (38)
Suzanne Farbstein (11)
Bonnie Hiller Fullerton (46)
Trish Goity (1)
Jan Hardy (46)
Lynn Harman (29)
Suzie Hilgeman (19)
Elsbeth Iannone (3)
Sarah Karp (1)
Jennifer Kramer (3)
Elin Larson (5)
Ronnie Sue Leith (36)
Molly Leitner (4)
Shelley MacAllister (2)
Tereza McNamee (6)
Heidi McQuay (4)
Sophia Moore (4)
Elaine Quan (26) musicNote
Debra Reiss-Bubenheim (12)
Tricia Seibold (5)
Julia Smith (4)
Chris Stuart (7)
Karen Vitale (19)
Lijia Wang (1)

Alto II
Becky Burad (5)
Jacquelyn Chang (15) musicNote
Erin Chow (2)
Terri Cook (19)
Elizabeth Ekpo (2)
Marina Eydel (5)
Carolyn Finlayson (2)
Kathleen Gabriel (2)
Nancy Gardner (6)
Barbara Gehrels (1)
Louisa Gillett (3)
Debbie Goren (2)
Phyllis Hechim (16)
Jan Jensen (28)
Andrea G. Julian (49)
Gayle Lieberman (3)
Judith Marsh (26)
Sara Martin (2)
Celina Mikolajezak (2)
Polly Moore (5)
Diane Musgrave (9)
Laura Peterhans (8)
Pina Royer (39)
Carolyn Seen (2)
Kathryn Yoh (1)

Tenor I
Reginald Balisi (4)
Alan Bryan (1)
Max Capestany (5)
Malcolm C. Catchatoorian (46)
Jan de la Cruz (4)
Diane FitzGibbon (2)
Matt Lanier (1)
Jack Ma (3)
Arthur Mahoney (6)
Yoon Mitchell (2)
Winifred Omodt (5)
Michael Petersen (2)
Jim Pintner (7)
Philip Sankar (10)
Elsa Schafer (9)
James Schwandt (5)
Brandon Seeyle (5)
Donna Spencer (9)
J. Stephen Taylor (30)

Tenor II
Anthony Alosi (1)
John Barber (2)
Jim Boso (7)
Bill Chiles (4)
Chris Darrouzet (2)
Aaron de la Rosa (2)
John Farbstein (15)
George Gardiner (20)
Brock Groth (5)
John Harrison (6) musicNote
Christian Laggner (4)
John D. May (2)
Danny Meyer (1)
Richard Sam (4)

Bass I
Jacob Bandes-Storch (2)
Dave Barman (14)
Ron Brown (12)
David Bubenheim (12)
Vernon C. Grigg III (1)
Alan Hafter (1)
Jim Hawley (9)
David Hooper (8) musicNote
Gaurav Jain (2)
J. Peter Jensen (23)
Jack Loring (2)
Peter McNamee (14)
Dave Merrill (1)
Justin Montgomery (5)
James Reimann (1)
Bob Rosenberg (1)
Justin Shaw (5)
Kiril Stolmenov (3)
Chris Sykes (2)


Bass II
Michael Barbarino (4)
Justin Daily (5)
Douglas Davidson (2)
Kevin Dong (4)
José Fernandez (2)
Ed Firestone (17)
Joseph Haletky (2)
William Howland (5)
Bruce Huston (14)
Laurence Keuffer (7)
Elmer Mangalinden (5)
Ian Roosma (3)
Alex Rosales (4)
H. Alton Schick (30)
D. Bryant Spahn (27)
Bill Welch (13)
Paul Wendt (5)
Christopher Willmore (2)


Section Leader musicNote


Masterworks Chorale Emeritus

Galen Marshall
Artistic Director Emeritus

John Hancock
Accompanist, 34 years

norm devol
Assistant Conductor, 10 years

47 years
Mary Metropulos

45 years
Patricia Hobe

37 years
Rachael Hopper

35 years
Minako Terahira

34 years
Jane Fairchild
Sue A. Scott
Marilyn Stone

33 years
Janette Engel
Merrill Scott (Board member)

32 years
Solveig Ayres

29 years
Gary Brandenburg

28 years
Win Fairchild
Jan Gunderson
Lorrie Hancock

27 years
Joani Blank
David Carlisle

26 years
Paul Reeve
John Williams

25 years
Gene Anna Hawthorne
Bob Hawthorne
Ruth Susoff

24 years
Norm DeVol
Karen Correa
Marge Montgomery
Mary Ann Notz
Susan Spellman

23 years
Pat Forsythe
Linelle Marshall

22 years
Pam Melton
Anne Pintner
Carolyn Shaw

21 years
Bob Adams
Pat Bulloch
Bart Crosby

20 years
Zelta Adams
Linda Bertolucci
Kevin Coffman
Vicki DeVol
David Fairbank
Bonnie Borchers Fragomeni
Lori Knoebel
Rosemary Maulbetsch
Donna Ralston