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Masterworks Outreach sparks musical connections between people of all ages and abilities.

Masterworks Chorale’s Outreach programs create valuable and lasting partnerships. Using fun and innovative approaches, our workshops foster self-esteem, personal growth and cultural engagement within our community.

Masterworks Outreach serves populations within San Mateo County, bringing musical education and appreciation to groups who may not otherwise have access to choral music. Outreach builds connections with diverse groups including low-income and homeless families, the elderly, and children with special needs.


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Sing Out


Sing Out is a series of music education classes created for under-served students in San Mateo County schools and community centers.

Running from 4 to 10 weeks, our weekly, on-site song classes use fun musical games, vocal exercises and visual art to introduce children to musical concepts and the fundamentals of group singing. Students work toward a special performance for their parents and peers.

Sing Out classes are led by our Artistic Director, Dr. Bryan Baker and Outreach Music Teacher Katie Lipka, along with a team of dedicated singer volunteers.

Song Partners

Song Partners 1 songpartners2

Song Partners is a series of music workshops designed to engage older adults coping with memory loss.

Through live performance, videos and storytelling, participants explore their past and present relationship to music, inviting them to reconnect with the world.

Our 6 to 8-week Song Partners programs are gently led by Tricia Seibold and dedicated singer volunteers.

Feel the Music

feel the music feel the music ballooncircle

Feel the Music is a series of music classes designed for children in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. Each session uniquely facilitates connection with music through fun, tactile games, body percussion exercises and visual art.

Participants also attend one or more Masterworks rehearsals for a true “hands on” experience with the chorale. Rotating through five Vibration Stations – Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, and Grand Piano — the children are invited to place their hands on the faces and necks of singers in each section and on the piano’s sound box — feeling the musical sounds as they are produced.  Feel the Music is led by Artistic Director, Dr. Bryan Baker and a team of dedicated singer volunteers.


paint the musicPaint the Music

Paint the Music sessions are a fun and unique component of the Sing Out, Song Partners, and Feel the Music programs. Using materials provided by Masterworks, participants paint visual interpretations of their song class experiences. Art work is displayed in a special lobby exhibition at subsequent Masterworks concerts.

Paint the Music is led by Outreach Art Director Tricia Seibold.

Pocket Choir

Masterworks Pocket Choir provides small ensembles of Masterworks singers to perform choral music at schools, hospitals, community centers, eldercare facilities and at a wide variety of community events. Performances vary in length and style, and may or may not be accompanied.

Masterworks Outreach Sing Out, Song Partners, and Feel the Music program participants are offered complimentary guest passes for themselves and family members to attend Masterworks concerts.




Your gift helps...

Build relationships

Group music experiences measurably enhance social skills and cooperation in young children*, and may increase happiness, memory performance and cognitive function in senior citizens**.

Bridge differences

Music is universal. It reaches across demographics, cultures and borders, bringing people together in ways that foster empathy and understanding. 

Bolster communities

Our partnerships with organizations such as Boys & Girls Club, Samaritan House, First Step For Families and Rosener House Senior Care connect disparate and marginalized groups with the benefits of the music we love. 

Brighten futures

Music enrichment significantly reduces the educational achievement gap for economically disadvantaged students, measurably improving the trajectory of their lives***.

* The power of music: Its impact on the intellectual, social and personal development of children and young people; S. Hallam, 2010.

** Clinical Effects of Choral Singing for Older Adults; A. Clements-Cortés, 2015. 

*** Arts and Achievement in At-Risk Youth: Findings from Four Longitudinal Studies; National Endowment for the Arts, J. Catterall, et al; 2012.