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Wells Fargo Foundation

Boston Private Bank & Trust Company


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Masterworks would like to acknowledge the kindness of the following individuals, corporations and foundations for their financial support over the past year. Ticket sales cover only a small portion of our concert production expenses. It is because of the generosity of the following people that Masterworks is here for your enjoyment today. Bravo!

To become a Friend of Masterworks, click "Donate" and make a one-time-only secure donation in any amount to Masterworks through PayPal.


Friends of the Chorale


Boston Private Bank & Trust Company
The Revolving Closet
Schick Industrial Park


This season's programming is funded in part by:

San Mateo County Arts Grants Program
    - a major season sponsor
YourCause LLC, Trustee for HP Company Match
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Wells Fargo Foundation

Individual Donors // Conductor's Circle ($5,000 and Above)
Dr. Bryan Baker & Roderick Lowe
Krista & Eric Hanson
Dan & Lory Kitamura-Tintor
Charlene Kranz
H. Alton and Carol Schick

Individual Donors // Gold Baton ($2,500-$4,999)
Teri Boucher & Ron Brown
Roger Dewes
Marshall Dinowitz
Art Mahoney & Glen Geiss
Minako Terahira

Individual Donors // Silver Baton ($1,000-$2,499)
Ralph H. Britton., Jr.
Jacquelyn Chang
Geoff Dottery
Barbara & Charles DuMond
Ed Firestone
Lynn & Dean Harman
Phyllis Hechim
Patricia Hobe
Andrea Julian
Linda Lyon
Polly Moore
Laura Peterhans
Gayle Riggs
Katie Riggs & John Witte
Jan Robertson
Elsa Schafer
Merrill & Sue Scott
Karen Vitale
Dorothy Wurlitzer
Individual Donors // Benefactor ($500-$999)
Dave Barman
Debra Reiss-Bubenheim & Dave Bubenheim
Victoria Chang & Douglas Davidson
Jannette Engel
David Field
Ruth Finkelstein
Terri Homer
David Hooper
Linelle Marshall
Diane Musgrave
Lynne & Kent Reuber
Jim & Pina Royer
Tricia Seibold
Margaret Staphorsius

Individual Donors // Patron ($250-$499)
Laura Argento
Cheryl Blalock
Stephanie Boireau
Dr. James & Elizabeth Boso
George Gardiner
Patricia Griffin
Rachael Hopper
Walter P. Knoepfel
Judith Marsh & Tim McFadden
Peter & Tereza McNamee
Mary Metropulos
Inara Morgenstern
Johannah Newman
Christine M. Niccoli
Bill & Ellen Peters
Philip Sankar
Anne Shissler
Lou Ann Wieand

Individual Donors // Donor ($100-$249)
Carolyn Alexander
Linda Avelar
Margie Baker
Diana Berger
Lawrence Bernard & Dorothy Weintraub
J. Shel Brandenburger
Bill Chiles
Senta Colombo
Donna Croxford
Cosette Dudley
Arnold & Trudy Duncan
Luana DeVol
Marina Eydel
Carol Ford
T. Jack Foster
Mary Fraser
Bonnie & Sean Fullerton
Nancy Gardner
Robin Hansen
William Howland & Leslie Rose
Bruce Huston
Beatrice Isaacs
Ruth Krusic
Elin Larson
Joan Larson
Nancy Lewis
Edward Lieberman & Gayle Hunt Lieberman
Terris Linenbach
Glen & Katherine Lipka
Diana Logan
John Martin
Terry Maul
Dr. Maclynn & Helen K. Miller
Gary Nagle
Mary Ann Notz
Marlene Ogawa
Gloria Peuker
Maria Root
James Ross
Anne Sallot
Petra Sanchez
Mary Louise & Jim Sedin
Patricia Seibold
Carolyn Shaw
Steven Sosnowski
Jodee Steiner
Cathy Sweetman
Gill Ward
Robert R. & May-Blossom Wilkinson
Robert & Doris Witte
Robert Wong

We are very grateful for all contributions and we make every effort to ensure that our donor list is accurate. If your name has been omitted in error or you would like to be listed differently, please call the Masterworks office at 650.918.6225 or email us at and let us know. Thanks!